Our Approach

At Liberation Academy, we have high expectations for our students and even higher expectations of our school leaders, teachers, and staff.

We pride ourselves on providing academic excellence while educating the whole child to gain confidence while mastering content.​

Academic Excellence

Computer Science
Black and Latinx people account for 14% of the computer science positions in Silicon Valley. As the only school in Southeast Atlanta with Computer Science starting in 5th grade, Liberation Academy students will be at the forefront of changing that statistic. Our students will learn different aspects of computer science through hands-on projects that expose them to every aspect of the field and prepare them for high-performing high schools, colleges and careers.

Focused on Growth and Achievement
Studies show students who perform well in math and ELA are more successful in other subjects. That’s why our students have 140 minutes of math and ELA every day.

Problem-Based Learning
By working to create solutions to real-world problems, students will begin to master critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. Problem-based learning also helps students retain information and better understand the subject matter.

Absolute Excellence

Cultural Pride
We promote pride in our students’ cultural identity and provide relevant, relatable content in our coursework that connects to their unique lived experiences.

Social-Emotional Learning
PRIDE Time (Propriety, Responsibility, Insight, Determination, and Empowerment) helps students develop social-emotional skills like self-awareness, conflict resolution, communication and empathy.

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