Why work at Liberation Academy?

Our Mission: 

Through rigorous, relevant instruction, community collaboration, and the development of innate skills,  Liberation Academy will empower students that will become problem solvers equipped to impact their  community and the world. 

Liberation Academy is rooted in the belief that the experiences of students should be pushed to the  forefront of what, and how, they learn. We offer a unique model combining a rigorous, culturally  relevant curriculum within a unique environment.  

A quality education has the power to create generational change for communities and families. Working  here, you will have the opportunity to help Liberation Academy fulfill the promise of providing a quality,  enriching educational experience for everyone that enters our doors.  

Liberation Academy is a perfect fit for these type of people: 

  • Is a problem solver, not a problem spotter 
  • Enjoy creating something from nothing 
  • Demonstrating trustworthiness in dealing with confidential matters;
  • Dedicated to achieving educational equity for underserved communities 
  • Remains calm in tense situations and embraces challenges 
  • Believes in the mission of LA and understands that each person at LA plays an integral role in  fulfilling this mission.
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